Writing in a journal

I have done a lot of research about the power of writing in a journal. Journal therapy is a great tool to help people write about their thoughts and feelings so that they can learn more about themselves.

The more you write in a journal the more you learn to love it. In the past I wrote on pieces of paper and added it to a folder but it became quite full over the years and now I use a diary as a journal.

It really doesn’t matter whether you use a computer or paper just as long as you write.

You get to write down your experiences and it makes a great account of your history for your family in the future. You can also use it to look back over and to write your memoirs.

Difference between journal and diary

A diary you tend to write down what happened but with a journal you write more about your thoughts and feelings, things you are overcoming. I don’t worry to much about the “rules” I just like to write and what you find over months is that you develop a pattern that is keeping you stuck or unmotivated. Becoming aware of what you do will help you work towards empowering yourself to change.

I also have a free PDF you can download on writing in a journal – just click the link below.

Free PDF on Journal Writing


Just take the first step towards a happier life

On Saturday 8th March, International Women’s Day, I gave a talk on second chances. The second chance you give your life when you follow your passion. I talked about the clients I had worked with who were miserable and ineffective at work until I helped them reconnect to a passion.

I even mentioned my own situation back in 2011 when I was miserable with all the time I was spending ‘chained’ to my computer because of my business. At that point I decided to follow my passion and because of that when I went back to my business with fresh eyes I decided what parts to keep and what to let go of and now I am happy doing both – business and passion.

There were two main points I wanted to get across.

1. You don’t have to see all the steps – just take the first one. It was Martin Luther King Jnr who said that…

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. –┬áMartin Luther King, Jr.

2. You can enjoy your passion part-time while working until you are ready to make a leap if your aim is to earn a living from your passion.

Of course, not all passions have to be followed to earn us a living. If life is feeling a little ‘stale’ right now you can find yourself something to be passionate about. It is amazing how quickly doing that lifts us and makes life happier.

On Awful, Paralysing & Totally Irrational Self-Doubt

When life knocks us down how we react and cope with what happens determines what happens next. Even I have had my confidence knocked recently but because deep down I believe in myself I was able to pick myself up and carry on. It is part of life to have spirals when things do not go to plan and what we learn from those moments can really help us grow.

I love this post about that very subject – picking yourself up and moving on.