The expression HAVE AT IT!

Means to ‘give it a go’ to ‘start doing something’ to ‘get down to it’

It summed up my writing desires which have been put on hold for far too long.

I write and I blog but I have only recently seen myself as a writer.

Still looking to find my own voice right now. I tend to teach. I want to let go of that voice and just tell a story… or a poem…

I am and have always been a bohemian at heart. Different to the rest (definitely much taller!) with a strong creative streak that is weaved in with some insecurity that I have become great at getting around. I refuse to let stuff like fear and doubt stop me now but that doesn’t mean it won’t lift its ugly head and try. I have more tools to tackle it now than I have ever had and I win every time.

That’s the great thing about personal growth. Its a gift that just keeps giving.


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