About Diane

I like to think of myself as a slow burner who is now ready to go full steam ahead.

If you have ever read the book “The life you were born to live” I am a 29/11 – if you haven’t let me explain.

In numerology the numbers represent my character – whether this stuff is true or not isn’t something I concern myself with, only whether it empowers me to want to be better!

Anyway, number 1 represents creativity. Number 11 is as master double which represents double creativity.

While we have these powerful numbers we usually have things to overcome and mine is insecurity… double insecurity.

Two represents balance and my need to keep my life in balance and nine represents something that isn’t coming to me right now but I will update this when I remember….

That has been my life long battle. An abundance of creativity stifled by double insecurity. That was until I hit 25 and started to do something about it.

Now. Over 20 years later I work with women over 30 who wonder “is this it? is this my life?” and are not happy with what they see.

I have also worked with teens to save them going through this hell so they enjoy their life. I remember working with a teen who never wore a skirt. She had all kinds of conversations going on in her head about the way she looked in a skirt. This girl was gorgeous and reminded me of me. A gorgeous person with a negative voice. I was so happy to help her silence that voice. So proud when she walked in wearing a skirt…

This is a testimonial that is a few years old now but I am still very proud to have received.

“Hello my name is Sophie and I am 15 years old. My mother who happens to be a SpeakerBureau/Incentives recommended Diane to speak at my school to an audience of roughly 150 very opiniated students from year 10.. We had already listened to three other speakers who were not at all inspiring or interesting. However, as soon as Diane stepped up the room lit up… believe me it takes a lot to get the undivided attention of my year group, but Diane did it. As soon as she stepped up the entire room, teachers included, listened to every inspiring word that she spoke. After her speech, every one of my friends came up to me to let me know what a “legend” they thought Diane was! And she definitely was just that… a legend, a very unique and inspiring legend!” Heathfield School UK

You will find me over at http://inspirationalguidance.com 

Inspirational Guidance provides self-confidence tools and resources for women looking to build their self-confidence and move forward with life.

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