re.lent – my free ebook for women

I have been busy writing stories and today I wanted to share my free eBook called re.lent here some blurb on what it is about

Isabella Milne is a woman in pain. She has left behind her business and her friends and gone off in search of love and affection from strange men she never remembers in the morning. One morning, after waking up in bed with yet another naked stranger Isabella goes home in disgust and falls asleep. The dream that follows convinces her to abandon her self-sabotaging ways. During a visit to a workshop Isabella discovers tools that help put her on the path towards changing her life. One day her past comes back to haunt her and Isabella must decide whether she continues towards her compelling future or goes back to a past she had planned to leave behind.

I hope you enjoy reading it. Here is an extract

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by Diane Corriette

The Catalyst

Isabella opened her eyes and looked at her surrounds. Through her drunken haze her mind wasn’t registering anything as familiar. She closed her eyes and gave the room a minute or two to stop spinning before opening them again. As her eyeballs moved from left to right without recognition she had to face the fact that she had done it again. The soft breathing next to her let her know she was not alone and Isabella turned her body over slowly so as not to wake the man sleeping next to her. As she turned over her eyes settled on a body with a mop of shoulder length blond hair. Strange, she thought to herself, as she never really went for men with long hair.

The body moved and as it did the cover slipped down and revealed two large firm breasts. Isabella jumped back in shock falling out of bed as she did so “Fuck!” she screamed as she hit the floor. Now there wasn’t just pain rushing through her head but through her body too. The body in the bed hardly moved. She rolled over and continued to sleep. Isabella got dressed and left.

The noise of the traffic was the first thing to hit her ears as she opened the front door and the smell of freshly baked bread the next. Both made her feel nauseas. As she made her way up the road with no idea where she was or where she was going her only relief was the feeling of the sun on her battered body. Isabella stopped the next man she saw (she found men far more likely to help her than women) and asked for the time and directions to the nearest subway station.

As it was nearly 3.30pm she guessed that her night had turned into an early morning session before falling off into sleep and waking up in the middle of the day. It wasn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last she thought to herself. The nearest station turned out to be Harrow & Wealdstone and her journey back to Fulham was a long and arduous one made worse by the heat of the train and the pounding of her head.

Isabella approached her front door and noticed a large A4 sheet stuck over the keyhole. “We have gone without you!” was all it said and she frantically began to wonder if that was for her. She remembered needing to get home for something but couldn’t remember what. Her memory loss was beginning to scare her.

A feeling of safety filled her as she entered the house she shares with two of her friends from her university days and recognised her surroundings. The house was quiet and after making coffee Isabella made her way into her bedroom where she fell onto her bed and into a deep sleep.


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