The power of weight lifting for midlife women

The most surprising part of my weight loss journey so far is learning that building muscle is the key to my success. I never really thought about weightlifting or the power of weight lifting for midlife women. I just assumed the key to success was cardio, cardio and more cardio.

Turns out no matter what our age a 60 year old and a 20 year old could lift the same (assuming they are of similar health) and there is nothing to stop us women from “bulking up” and getting toned.

The good news is we don’t have enough testosterone in our body to build huge muscles. I read somewhere that women have the testosterone of a 9 year old boy. So don’t fret and worry about looking like Stallone. It just won’t happen naturally.

What weight lifting does is help us burn fat and get toned.

Here are a few other forms of exercise worth taking up if you are over 40.

  • Weight Lifting
  • Body Weight Training
  • Strength training
  • Metabolic Circuit Training

As we lift weights we build muscle. Building muscle makes it easier for us to burn fat and lose weight.

So you see weight lifting in midlife helps us lose weight and burn fat. This is why it is so important.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure Score

I have found it to be really important when using intermittent fasting to monitor calories. After a fast it is really easy to go crazy and eat all kinds of food, which isn’t healthy, and mess up your weight loss results.

I use myfitnesspal and put in all the food I have eaten as a way to keep me accountable.

I also found it difficult to know how many calories made up the food I was eating and the more I recorded my food calorie intake the better I became at judging what I was eating.

So your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) is a measure of how many calories you burn each day based on things like your age, whether you exercise and your body fat percentage (if you know it).

There is a calculator at that will help you work it all out.

I regularly go back as I lose weight. Every 14 lbs or so I will check to see if the score has changed. My most recent score revealed that I need to eat a total of 1,961 calories per day.

The image below shows you how much my calories can increase by if I take part in light, moderate or heavy exercise.

You can also get an idea of your macro nutrients if you want to keep an eye on that too. How much carbs, protein and fats you should eat in a day. That can be useful if you are looking to stick to eating a low carb diet.

macronutrients weight loss

Developing new habits

I have been reading up on forming new habits. I think I never really give something long enough to become a habit, which is why I stop and start different things all the time.

There are all these books that outline 21 days or 30 days to a new habit but I couldn’t find any scientific research that outlines why those numbers in particular.

Research I have found from 2009 outlines that it took participants anything from 18 to 254 days to form a new habit. It was different for each individual and that seems more realistic.

254 days is a little over 8 months. For the habit to become a routine it must be performed daily. It has to be 254 consecutive days.

I like the idea of forming habits by doing something small each day. These tiny actions add up until the habit becomes easy to perform without any conscious thought.

Now I know it can take 254 consecutive days I can apply that to exercise.

Even if I don’t exercise daily I can commit to moving. A short walk, dancing to music for 10 minutes – that type of thing. At least that way if it means I am moving regularly and have at least 3 days where I do the regular 30-60 minutes of solid exercise it may just help exercise stick.

I am thinking about a trip abroad soon so hopefully that will help add to my motivation.

Either I win or I learn

I am continuing on my journey towards helping the self saboteur within work we me rather than against me.

I don’t believe it is worth trying to eliminate it completely because it plays a part in my life. I would just like it to stop playing such a very active part and to sit back and relax.

The affirmation “either I win or I learn” is a great way to teach myself that when things don’t work out it is not a failure but simply an opportunity to learn.

Avoiding failure by giving up or believing something won’t work seems to be how my self saboteur works through me. I then find justification and reasons as to why something didn’t happen or why I gave something up before it succeeded.

Knowing either I win or I learn and feeling that as my truth is a much better perspective to take in life.

Acti-Labs Product Box

I am loving the new Acti-Labs product box. In the past the products were sent in a plain cardboard box, which someone along the delivery line would try to open.

I have no idea if it is the person sorting the parcels, the delivery person or someone at the depot but the box was tampered with by someone.

I have had a couple of deliveries where the box was ripped and it was very plain to see that someone had tried to get their hands on what was inside. Thankfully, the products were wrapped up so well in the box that nothing was missing but I imagine this was a regular problem for Acti-Labs.

Now things are very different.

The lovely purple box is unmistakable and is tightly wrapped up with Acti-Labs tape around the outside that there is no way anyone can break open the box.

This order contained some 45+ skincare cream and two boxes of the Very Berry Skinny Mix, which I will be using myself to help re-start my weight loss.

Although losing 84 lbs (six stones) has been great, and keeping it off has been even better, I still have another 38 lbs (2.5 stones) of weight loss that I want to shed so am using my Acti-Labs products to help me do that successfully.

acti-labs products